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Moulding Engineers par Excellence with Integrity, commitment and human values, who are competent to meet the global standards in business, industry and research and would act as catalysts for the transformation of the society.


NSS helps the students develop appreciation to other person's point of view and also show consideration to other living beings. The philosophy of the NSS is well doctrined in this motto, which underlines/on the belief that the welfare .of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of the society on the whole and therefore, the NSS volunteers shall strive for the well-being of the society.


The students of CCET volunteered an event 'Walking With The Angels' on 27 OCTOBER 2018,This is based on spporting physically handicapped students 30. And we want to under stand that Disability is not a brave struggle or corage in the face of adversity.Disability is an art .it's an ingenious way to live .


Teacher's day was celebrated on 5 september 2018 in the college campus.The programme was organized by NSS unit 625 of carmel college of engineering and technology .Dring the serene atmosphere Rev fr.Bijo mattaparambil,Director of the college presented ponnada to the very beloved prof Dr Narayanan Nampoothiri of Basic science Department .The dais was occupied by the most respected HODs of various department and they are gifted with boquet.


Plans to protect greenery and in turn our nature are in fact the plans to protect the man itself. Sadly, being aware of the near future impacts too, we still continue to engage in deeds that threatens the existence of our nature. It's hard time to realize that the power to save our planet rests with it's individual consumer itself. On this Environmental Day, choosing it to be the right start, NSS CCET in association with Nature club.


We cannot solve our environmental problems with the same thinking as we used when we created them. Recycling takes little effort on your part , for a big difference to our world. The purpose is the idea of uses and reuse it's not just recycling , its reuse.. the volunteers of NSS CCET where collecting the plastic wastes and make new handicrafts items from plastic wastes and give awareness to the students for the importance to save the natre and pave future The young minds were surprised at the different ways by which the waste thrown out can be made useful with at most curiosity.


Change is not something that we should fear rather, it is something that we should welcome. On 21/06/2018 NSS volunteers of CCET did a warm welcoming of Yoga Day celebrations by arranging a demonstration session of various Yoga forms and practised the same. Around 48 volunteers took part in this PROGRAMME which was held at college from 9:30 am under the guidance of volunteer LEO [S4 EEE]. The session was inaugurated by CHAIRMAN AND NSS P.O AND APO give message about the importance of doing yoga in our daily life.


June 26 international day against drug abuse its determination to strengthen action and cooperation to achieve the goal of an international society free of drug abuse .


In this day the NSS volunteers of CCET took the initiative 'APRIL COOL' by NATRE CLUB and planted new saplings at their homes. They took the initiative with the aim of planting at least 1 tree on APRIL 1st to make our Earth Cool rather than making others APRIL FOOL. This deed by the volunteers surely shows that we don't need an occasion to plant trees. Let's make this as our habit of planting trees whenever possible and also motivating others to plant more trees. Thank you nature club for coming up this greatestinitiative.

DREAMS DAY [Dr APJ Abdulkalam birth anniversary celebration]

"Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is smoething that does not let you sleep". Everyone has dreams but the difference is how we realise our dreams and how our dreams change us. On 15/10/2018 ,the memorable day of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam,NSS CCET where arranged a career guidance session by NSS PO VIVEK sir. Sir told a story and it will inspire to us . This platform did inject us with confidence and motivation. Moreover he gave knowledge to be possessed while facing an competitive exams. And or NSS APO SREEJA miss will also give an inspirational story and it is a very interactive secessions among stdents With the powerful thoughts of Dr.Kalam,the session was truly an inspirational.


The spirit of unity, harmony and diversity was awakened yet another time on this independence day in CCET. The day opened with a flag hoisting ceremony followed by a warm address by our CHAIRMAN:Rev Fr. Mathew Arekalam. The proud vibes of being a part of such a glorious nation was spread afar with a lovely cultural programme.[patriotic song competition] With distribution of sweets, the forenoon event came to an end.


In the mark of respect for our motherland, NSS volunteers actively participated in a Campus Cleaning session. All the non-biodegradable wastes in and around the campus were removed and safely disposed. The Cleaning Programme where inagurated by our NSS Po VIVEK SIR and APO :SREEJA miss and AMAL Sir.It was indeed a movement to restore the beauty of our college.the volunteers from NSS CCET where conduct a cleaning mission in our campus .AS a part of our mission CLEANCAMPUS GREEN CAMPUS the volnteers will clean the campus and plant gardeen in the campus .The NSS PO and APO will give spport to the volunteers.


NSS volunteers of CCET took part in flood relief activities at the ALAPPZHA collectorate.The collectorate was a collection point for all the materials collected from the ALAPPZHA district for flood relief. About 90 students from our college worked in two shifts.Morning shift was from 8.00 am to 5.00pm and the evening shift was from 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm. Volunteers were sent in small groups in various shifts. The volunteers engaged in sorting works where they sorted the edible items as 'Ready to eat' and 'Eat after cook'.Food grains, cereals, biscuits, bread, pickle, other packed food items etc were transported to flood affected areas like Chengannur .Our volunteers also engaged in loading and unloading the truck.Various items like dress,soap,paste,brush,towels,medicines,sanitary napkins etc were sorted and packed by the volunteers.They were then transported to the required areas.


On 18th August 2018, as a part of flood relief activities. NSS CCET will condct a FLOOD RELIEF camp for people in flood affected area like [kuttanad].Nearly 600 people were accommodated in CARMEL INTERNATIONALSCHOOL AND CARMEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE bilding .Kodiknnil sruresh [mp] and major archbishop GeorgeAlencherry will visited in or camp .In or camp Volnteers where divided into different department like registration counteer,food clothes and other spplies etc among many others .and many srvivors later become volnteers.NSS PO AND APO will spport and give gidness to the NSS volunteer's.


CCET NSS Volunteers started working at the 'Pain and Palliative care' in kuttanad .They worked in Indian Medical Association (IMA).They served as a medical helpline for Alappuzha districts.Medicines and various other materials were collected here and our volunteers were engaged in sorting out these materials.Later they were transported to affected areas for distribution.


SHUCHITHWA is a greatest mission of NSS REHABILATION WORK .Shuchitwa was born out of the great necessity of cleaning he piles of mud and slurries in human habitable regions which was left behind due to the flood in kerala in recent times.The stdents of carmel came up with the soltion to the problem by developing a machine which clears the floor with a mop attached to the machine .today SHUCHITHWA will get a financial spport of Rs 10,000 from [KERALA STATE CONCIL FOR SCIENCE ,TECHNOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT]


The floodwaters caused by weeks of heavy rainfall in Kerala has begun to recede, leaving back a number of diseases, both known and unknown, that are needed. The NSS volunteer 's of CCET where conduct a medical awareness programme in flood affected area's like kuttanad and awareness programme where inagurated by our NSS Po VIVEK sir.


Let love your land ,let s never forget our mother tongue Malayalam ,our cultre and heritage Let's take pride to have been born a malayali. .Kerala Piravi marks the birth of the state of Kerala in India which was formed on November 1, 1956. Prior to this day, our family of NSS CCET engaged themselves in a poster making competition. Students were divided into groups who coordinated together in making successful posters. They shared their individual ideas and each of them gave their best, to create something much better than what any of them could have achieved alone. The event was followed by a pledge of allegiance which focused on our individual as well as collective responsibility towards Kerala. Like Pubilius syrus rightly quoted, "where there is unity there is always victory"


Spare only 15 minutes and save one life.NSS Volunteers in CCET pitch in to pump up blood donation.nearly 60 nits of blood were collected at a blood donation camp organized by the NSS wing of the CCET.the blood donation camp wasinaugurated by NSS PO VIVEK Sir .He said that 'donating blood is a philanthropic activity and is valuable for patients of Thalassemia ,heart bypass surgery ,trauma and injury cases'.


NSS CCET, as we all know aims to fix ideas on social welfare in students and to provide service to the society without bias. On 10 November 2018, we organised an interesting session for the second year NSS volunteers on NSS programmes and volunteering, which was conducted by Prof. sebin james of Mechanical Dept. of our College. He provided a detailed description about the National Service Scheme from its beginning including the history. We were able to get the right ideas about the works that are undertaken in an NSS group. The volunteers could understand about their duties so that they could ensure that everyone who is needy gets help to enhance their standard of living and lead a life of dignity. The session was really enjoyable and moreover thought provoking.


Our NSS CCET volunteers givea awareness about the child abuse.and the volunteers make posters against child abuses and give a proper awareness for preventing child abuse .the Programme was inagurated by our Director Rev Fr BIJO MATTAPARAMBIL CMI,NSS Apo Sreeja miss and Amal sirand NSS PO Vivake sirwill give a awaraness class about prevention of child abuse.and volnteers giving proper awareness to the students by child abuse shortfilm adumbration.


There are somethings that we can't buy, which once you won't feel is great. It's true indeed. Yes. Childhood of course.The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country. So, as part of Children's Day, volunteers of NSS CCET went to Carmel international school and to spend some time with the angels there. Different types of fun-filled games and activities were conducted as part of the celebration. Volunteers had a great time with children.and volnteers will give Gifts to them


The Surgical strike is a military attack which is intended to damage only a legitimate military target,with no or minimal collateral damage .the NSS volnteers where celebrate surgical strike day by sending postcard to INDIAN ARMY for appreciating their corage .Like captian manoj kmar pandey rightely qoted.'If death strikes before I prove my blood ,I swear I'll kill death'.


Not me , But you... The value of life is not in its duration ,but in its donation. The NSS Unit CCET where conduct national integration day in our college campus The volunteers were given awareness about the theme " Secularism , anti- communalism and socialism" and the vitality of promoting cultural integrity and unity. Thus inculcating values in oneself is of prior importance .Death is not the greatest loss in one's life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we are alive. The era , when man has descended to dishonesty from the high state of honesty , the era ,when man started getting to violence for their needs ,the era where corruption and injustice have become a routine...Thus it is high time that we work against this. The main idea of the programme was to acknowledge everyone about maintaining the unity in this vast diversity. It is the liberty and integrity that needs to be upheld everytime.


January 15 , National army day, the day to salute the living legends and everliving souls whose breath was the nation and the blood was patriotism. Volunteers of NSS CCET , Educational wing observed this day by conducting awareness classes for students about the bravery and sacrifice of our soldiers with a short film.and their brainy qotes [SLEEP PEACEFLLY AT YOR HOMES,INDIAN ARMY IS GARDING THE FRONTIERS] This qotes where written in their tombs .The programme was inagurated by or NSS Po and APO.

  • Academic :
    Secured 5th position in Kerala University in as per the latest results (5th semester examination, 2013 Scheme)
  • Placement :
    60 % of final year students got placement in different companies through the campus placement drives facilitated in the college.
  • Co-curricular :
    Deric Anto Roy, Gopikrishnan K S, Jackson T George, Jijo George and Shebin V Thomas (B Tech 2014 Admn.) secured 1st position in TECHASTHRA, a technical contest of SJCET Startup Bootcamp 's Techathlon event conducted as part of ASTHRA 2018 in St. Joseph 's College of Engineering and Technology, Palai.

  • Industrial visit to Poringalkuth Dam, Power station and tunnel construction site was facilitated in October 2016 to encourage the students to explore their role in infrastructure projects.

  • Industrial visit to Science City, Kozha near Kuravilangadu was facilitated in August 2017 during its construction stage to exhibit the construction aspects of one of the biggest science cities in Asia.

  • Industrial visit to Vrishabhavathi valley Waste Water Treatment plant was facilitated in October 2016 to provide an insight into the planning, construction and operation of a community based sewage treatment plant.

  • A 7day survey camp was organized in Muhamma Grama panchayath in September 2017 to provide an opportunity to have a real time experience in conducting field survey.

  • Industry Institute Interaction:

    In order to facilitate industry oriented training, a 3 day survey camp was conducted in February 2018 in collaboration with ALG International Institute of Technology using the latest technologies in surveying with emphasize on Total Station.

  • Social responsibility:

    Survey camp was conducted covering 54 schools under Alappuzha Municipality as a social commitment for preparing the master plan of all the schools under Alappuzha Sub District and the contour maps were prepared. Among this, Master plans of 23 schools where prepared and submitted for onward submission to Government of Kerala.

  • Research and Consultancy wing:

    An active research and consultancy wing is functioning under the department rendering services which includes Material testing, Soil testing, Water quality testing etc. Our clients include Indian Railways, KSEB, Kerala PWD, Local body etc.