A sister concern of Carmel Polytechnic College, Alappuzha

NARAYANAN NAMBOOTHIRY V, HOD , Department of Basic Sciencenarayanan namboothiri



EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS    MA (Rank holder), MPhil (A-Grade).


WORKING EXPERIENCE  Total Teaching experience – 26 years

Retired as Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Economics from Sanatana Dharma College, Alappuzha-688003 in 2010. (Affiliated to Kerala University).

At present, working as Professor and Head, Department of Basic Science, Carmel College of Engineering and Technology, Punnapra, Alappuzha.

Served as a Program Officer, National Service Scheme for 9 years from 1994 to 2002 at SD College.



1) Teaching.

2) Development of Appropriate Technology in the form of various machines and equipments.

3) Dissemination of such technologies among villagers and low income groups so as to enable and equip them with proper ideas and skills for learning, earning and self-employment.

4) Social work – in the form of organising and heading awareness classes for the low income villagers, students and teachers so as to get ideas    about “USE OF THE USED” – through development and demonstration of technologies for recycled products.

5) Conducting classes among villagers to make aware of the possibilities for recycling of used materials so as to suit the slogan, “There is no waste. Waste is a misplaced resource”. 

6) Acts as a resource person under various organisations for the last 30 years for imparting skill development among villagers, teachers and     students.


  1. Member of the Advisory Committee, Carmel

    Polytechnic College, Punnapra, Alappuzha.

  1. Life Member,

    Indian Academy of Social Sciences,

    Iswar Saran Ashram Campus

    Allahabad 211004.

  1. Founder and Former President and Managing Director of

Adi Sankaracharya Social and Educational Trust, Alappuzha.

Treasurer, Yogakshema Sabha, Alappuzha.


Membership in various, social and residential level organisations at various capacities.


  1. Practical experience in various fields related to training programs for village women under the “Community Development Through Polytechnics”, MHRD, Govt of India, and other NGOs and Government Departments.
  2. Designed and made more than 25 electrical and mechanical machines and equipments, which are having vast social relevance and employment potential.
  3. One of the winners of First National Award for Technological Innovations from the Government of India (NIF, DST) in 2001 for designing and making of a Multi-purpose Machine having much social relevance with so many functions and can be used for cutting, grinding, carving, drilling, milling, buffing etc.
  4. Much practical knowledge and experience in designing and making of fancy items (low cost high priced), models making, fabric painting, spray painting etc. Designed and made more than 200 products based on recycling and using low cost locally available and eco-friendly raw materials.
  5. Presenter of the above ideas in State level, National level and International conferences.
  6. Organiser of a number of residential workshops and awareness classes in order to build confidence, create awareness about nature and their environment, and create inventiveness among the children and also with a view to develop low-cost teaching devices for Joyful Learning which was largely appreciated by the parents and the general public.
  7. Organiser of awareness classes with the motto of spreading the message “there is no waste, waste is a misplaced resource” especially among the public.
  8. Received honours from various levels of Governmental Administration, testimonials from individuals of international reputation, NGOs, respectable persons etc. The Junior Chamber International Organisation honoured by “SAYAM RETNA” Puraskar (09-09-2015), considering the total contributions to society.
  9. Various interviews were done by newspapers and national TV channels which were telecasted several times, including NDTV INDIA, NDTV PROFIT, NDTV 24/7, Manorama, Asianet, Surya etc…
  10. Has been devoting constant effort in developing (designing and making of low cost, gender neutral, eco-friendly and energy saving machineries adopting appropriate technology) and diffusing of such appropriate technology for the efficient and effective utilisation of locally available and low cost resources for local level development.
  11. Published more than 45 articles for developing creativity among students at large.
  12. Active participation in local level administration, being a member of Pachayat Development Committee and various Resident’s Associations at various capacities. Devoting constant effort for the benefit and development of our society.


ON SIGNIFICANCE OF MY ACTIVITIES AND APPROACH ( As directly observed by Dr. Michael Lenaghan, a full professor of international reputation, by his presence in a national seminar in which I was a presenter.)


The application of creative insight and useful technology to objects that can serve educational, artistic, household and small industrial purpose is a very unusual and profoundly important professional intervention that not only recaptures the use of materials from many spent sources but also equips, empowers and enables to educate themselves and apply their talents for learning, earning and self-improvement. The engagement and blending of several academic disciplines has allowed you to apply environment, experience and education into a product or service that is valued in at least one culture.”

           “..….invented a series of concepts, skills and strategies that can transform the environment of people and their economic potential. You have demonstrated information, insight, and inspiration worthy of a Michael Anjelo, Thomas Edison, or other inventors whose genius will change parts of or all the world”