The association of CSE Department ‘OBCYDIANS’ was inaugurated on 29th September 2018.

The inaugural ceremony was honoured by the  esteemed presence of Rev.Fr. Mathew Arekalam CMI (Chairman CCET), Rev.Fr. Bijo Mattaparambil CMI (Director CCET)and Dr. Paul K Mathew (Principal CCET)

The Cheif Guest of the day was Dr. Mendus Jacob ( CEO IPSR IT Solutions , Director of MCA Department  Marian College , Kuttikanam). His powerful motivating speech gave a wide knowledge about the different emerging technologies in the field of computer science. His lecture provided an awareness to students about the different field to excel in this competitive era.

The logo was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Mathew Arekalam CMI. The main highlight of the day was the handing over ceremony of the day was the handing over ceremony of REDHAT Certification. Thus the OBCYDIANS inauguration ceremony ended by creating students as a sharp OBCYDIAN to conquer the world.

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