Mechanical Engineering

Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph.D
Specialization Refrigeration, Nanofluids and Heat transfer
email id vipin@carmelcet.in
Contact No 7359400166



Teaching: 1.5 years








Journal publications (During PhD):

  1. Vipin Nair, Tailor P.R, Parekh A.D (2016) Nanorefrigerants: a comprehensive review on its past, present and future. International Journal of Refrigeration 67:290–307 (Elsevier)


  1. Vipin Nair, Tailor P.R, Parekh A.D (2018) Water-based Al2O3, CuO and TiO2 nanofluids as secondary fluids for refrigeration systems: a thermal conductivity study. Journal of the Brazilian society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering 40: 262.  (Springer)


  1. Vipin Nair, Parekh A.D; Tailor P.R, (2019) Experimental investigation of the thermophysical properties of R718 based nanofluids at low temperatures. Heat and Mass Transfer 55: 2769-2784. (Springer)


  1. Vipin Nair, Parekh A.D., Tailor P.R (2020) Experimental investigation of a vapour compression refrigeration system using R134a/Nano-oil mixture. International Journal of Refrigeration 112: 21-36 (Elsevier)


  1. Vipin Nair, Tailor P.R, Parekh A.D (2020) Performance analysis of Al2O3-R718 nanofluid turbulent flow through a flooded chiller tube: A Numerical investigation. Journal of the Brazilian society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering 42:350 (Springer)


Journal publications (After PhD):


1.     Vipin Nair (2020) HFO Refrigerants:  A review of present status and future prospects. International Journal of Refrigeration 122: 156-170 (Elsevier)






  1. A.D.Parekh, P.R.Tailor Vipin Nair. Theoretical investigation on the thermophysical properties of R141b based nanorefrigerants- A comparative study. ISECT-2017, Dubai.


  1. A.D. Parekh, P. Joshi, V. Nair. Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Various R718 Based Nanorefrigerants in Air Handling Unit. Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power Conference.FMFP-2017.


  1. P.R.Tailor Vipin Nair.Vapour Compression-Absorption Cascade Refrigeration System-Thermodynamic Analysis. International Conference on Heat transfer and Thermal Engineering .GENEVA,SWITZERLAND,DECEMBER 29-31,2014






Member of ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) and IIR (International Institute of Refrigeration).


Teaching Interest



·       Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

·       Heat transfer

·       Fluid mechanics

·       Thermodynamics

·       Fluid machinery  

·       Solar Energy Technology.


Research Interest



·       Low GWP refrigerants

·       secondary refrigerants

·       Solar Cooling

·       Nanofluid heat transfer and its thermophysical properties

·       Vapour compression refrigeration systems.

Expertise (software/technology/machine)


·       ANSYS 15.0

·       Design-Expert

·       MATLAB Simulink



Subjects handled



·       Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

·       Fluid Mechanics

·       Thermodynamics

·       Basic Mechanical Engineering



FDP’s, Trainings/Certificate courses



  1. ASME Section VIII: Division 1, Basic design and Fabrication of Pressure Vessels” organized by Anchor Institute cell, SVNIT, April-2013
  2. Energy Conservation and Management” a Value added course organized by Anchor Institute cell, SVNIT, September 2013 to March 2014.
  3. “Fundamentals of Computational heat transfer and fluid flow” at Dept. of Mechanical Engineering (SVNIT) June-2014
  4. Fundamentals and special topics in Fluid Mechanics” at Dept. of Mechanical Engineering (SVNIT) June-2015
  5. Design of Experiments For Process Optimization” at Dept. of Mechanical Engg.(SVNIT) June-2016
  6. Introduction to Matlab Programming” at Dept. of Mechanical Engineering (SVNIT) July-2016.
  7. Basics and Developments in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning” at Dept. of Mechanical Engineering (SVNIT) March-2017.
  8. Attended ACRESERVE 2019-20 Workshop, Organized by ISHRAE Surat Chapter, December 2019.






1.     Reviewer for International Journal of Refrigeration (Elsevier), Case studies in Thermal Engineering (Elsevier), International Journal of Energy research (Wiley) and International Energy Journal.

2.     Editorial board member for “Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research” Bilingual Publishing Co. (Singapore).

3.     Expert lecture delivered on “Application of nanorefrigerants and its future scope” at SVNIT during STTP on “Basics and Recent advances in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning” (March-2017)

4.     Expert lecture delivered on “Nanofluids and its application in refrigeration systems” at Bhagwan Mahavir College of Science and Technology, Surat (Jan-2018).



Positions held



Adhoc faculty at NIT Calicut from September 2020 to May-2021

Assistant professor at Alpha college of Engineering and Technology from July-2014 to December 2014.