Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

An electrical engineer is someone who designs and develops new electrical equipment, solves problems and tests equipment. They work with all kinds of electronic devices, from the smallest pocket devices to large supercomputers.

Electrical engineering deals with electricity, electro-magnetism and electronics. It also covers power, control systems, telecommunications and computer-engineeringsignal processing. These engineers are usually concerned with large-scale electrical systems such as motor control and power transmission, as well as utilizing electricity to transmit energy. Electrical engineers may work on a diverse range of technologies, from the design of household appliances, lighting and wiring of buildings, telecommunication systems, electrical power stations and satellite communications. They may plan their designs using computer-aided software or they may also sketch ideas by hand



Moulding globally competent Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs with Integrity, commitment and human values and thereby contribute to the society.


  • To offer good quality Education in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, preparing them for employment, entrepreneurial practices and competitive exams for higher education.
  • To inculcate moral and ethical human values among the faculty and student.
  • To immunize the students with experience and knowledge in the field of Electrical and Electronics to contribute in the making of professional leaders.
  • To enrich the students with scientific principles and insight, so as to apply their talents for Socio-economic development.

Job opportunities

Electrical and electronics engineers conduct research, and design, develop, test, and oversee the development of electronic systems and the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment and devices. From the global positioning system that can continuously provide the location of a vehicle to giant electric power generators, electrical and electronics engineers are responsible for a wide range of technologies.

Electrical engineers design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacture of electrical equipment. Some of this equipment includes electric motors; machinery controls, lighting, and wiring in buildings; radar and navigation systems; communications systems; and power generation, control, and transmission devices used by electric utilities. Electrical engineers also design the electrical systems of automobiles and aircraft. Although the terms electrical and electronics engineering often are used interchangeably in academia and industry, electrical engineers traditionally have focused on the generation and supply of power, whereas electronics engineers have worked on applications of electricity to control systems or signal processing. Electrical engineers specialize in areas such as power systems engineering or electrical equipment manufacturing.

Electronics engineers are responsible for a wide range of technologies, from portable music players to global positioning systems (GPS), which can continuously provide the location of, for example, a vehicle. Electronics engineers design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacture of electronic equipment such as broadcast and communications systems. Many electronics engineers also work in areas closely related to computers. However, engineers whose work is related exclusively to computer hardware are considered computer hardware engineers. Electronics engineers specialize in areas such as communications, signal processing, and control systems or have a specialty within one of these areas—control systems or aviation electronics, for example.

‘Create, Enhance and Sustain’


ELEGENDS is the students’ association of EEE Department formed under the guidance of HoD and staff of the department . The association was formally inaugurated on 24th of August, 2017 by Er.C.P.George (Deputy Chief Engineer, KSEB). It focuses mainly on enhancing the engineering skills, soft skills and the overall development of the students. The association aims to give immense opportunities for the students to create awareness about electrical energy conservation and its significance in society, and to develop new technologies in the field of robotics and automation. The activities of ELEGENDS are organized with a vision to enable the students to understand the practical aspects of energy and how to use them in appropriate and judicious manner.


The recent activities of ELEGENDS


  1. SPARKZ 2K18 – An expo in coordination with Kerala State Electricity Board about the equipments and machinery used for power generation, transmission and distribution.
  2. Technical talk on Energy Management by Er. C.P.George, Dy. Chief Engg KSEB


Office Bearers of  ELEGENDS :

    1. President                : Akhil M (S8 EEE)
    2. Secretary                : Rini Johny (S8 EEE)
    3. Joint Secretary      : Dhrishya Madhu  (S6 EEE )
    4. Treasurer                : Azad P V (S8 EEE )
    5. Staff coordinators : Shalu V Thampy ( Asst Professor)

Geethu Krishnan ( Asst Professor )


  • 65 % of Final year students of EEE got placement and 89% students got offers from different companies.
  • Mr. Akhil M got highest CGPA of 9.9  in S5 B.Tech Degree Examination