Electrical & Electronics Engineering


Electrical and Electronics Engineering continues to be one of the fastest-growing branches of engineering incorporating a whole spectrum of activities and specializations including Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Electrical Machines and Actuators, Communication Electronics, Digital Electronics, and Microprocessors, Embedded System and Control Systems. The department is well equipped with labs and highly qualified faculties, that provides students with a new array of possibilities to build a successful career.

  1. HMT , Kalamassery
  2. Sakthi Power Innovatives, Punnapra, Alappuzha
  4. Dhanush Engineering Service India Pvt. Ltd, Cochin
  5. Black Qubes, Alappuzha

About The Programme

Electrical and Electronics engineering is a unique study program as it provides knowledge in two fields of engineering – Electronics and Electrical. These are the two areas that are important for a wide variety of industries. Experts and engineers in these fields who innovate, improve and create safe electrical and electronic systems are of utmost value in a global job market.

During the course of study, students will gain a strong foundation in electrical and electronics engineering, allowing them to develop the competencies required in both electronics and electrical engineering.

After graduation, students will be able to expand the knowledge and skills aiming for masters in electronics engineering or electrical engineering.


Department Vision
  • Moulding Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs with Integrity and social commitment
Department Mission
  • To offer quality education and prepare the students for employment, entrepreneurship and higher studies.
  • To inculcate moral and ethical human values among the students along with experience and knowledge.
  • To enrich the students with technical skills for sustainable development
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
  • Graduate will acquire good scientific and engineering knowledge with which they can apply the principles of engineering fundamentals to formulate, solve and analyze engineering problems
  • Graduate will acquire the knowledge for pursuing post-graduate and research degrees
  • Graduate will acquire entrepreneurial skills and skills required to be part of Electrical and Electronics product development and service industries
Program Outcomes(POS)
  • Engineering knowledge
  • Problem analysis
  • Design/development of solutions
  • Conduct investigations of complex problems
  • Modern tool usage
  • The engineer and society
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Ethics
  • Individual and team work
  • Communication
  • Project management and finance
  • Life-long learning
Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)
  • Graduates will be able to provide socially acceptable technical solutions to complex electrical engineering problems related to power system, control system and electric drives
  • Graduates will be able to identify, analyse and solve problems in wired and wireless electronic devices and system


Department Association


ELEGENDS is the student's association of EEE Department formed under the guidance of HoD and staff of the department. The association was formally inaugurated on 24th of August, 2017 by Er.C.P.George (Deputy Chief Engineer, KSEB). It focuses mainly on enhancing the engineering skills, soft skills and the overall development of the students. The association aims to give immense opportunities for the students to create awareness about electrical energy conservation and its significance in society, and to develop new technologies in the field of robotics and automation. The activities of ELEGENDS are organized with a vision to enable the students to understand the practical aspects of energy and how to use them in appropriate and judicious manner

Date Description
30th September 2019 Workshop on “Smart grids: Scope and challenges” by EEE Department Association ELEGANDS. Session was handled by Dr. Krishnakumar, Director CEEBA.
3rd October 2019 KSEB Power Quiz 2019 in association with KSEB and EEE Department Association ELEGANDS.
12TH October 2020 Webinar on Procedures and Benefits of Supervisory Licence for Electrical Engineers
17th November 2020 KSEB Power Quiz 2020 in association with KSEB and EEE Department Association ELEGANDS.
18thJanuary 2021 Webinar on “Benefits of IEEE membership” was conducted on 18thJanuary 2020 by ELEGANDS, EEE Department Association for first year and second year EEE and CSE students. Session was handled by Mr. Vishnu S, Assistant Professor, EEE Department, CCET
22nd April 2021 Webinar on Basic Awareness on PLC, SCADA, VFD and the Future of Industrial Automation
1. President : Rohith S Varier (S8 EEE)
2. Secretary : Akshay Jayadevan (S5 EEE)
3. Joint Secretary : Anjali J (S8 EEE)
4. Treasurer : Ahooja S Deep (S8 EEE)
5. Staff coordinators : Vishnu S ( Asst Professor), Geethu Krishnan ( Asst Professor )

Industry-Institute Interaction

- List of MoUs with Industries
Date Description
16/04/2019 HMT machine Tools Ltd, Kalamassery
03/01/2019 Black Qubes
Dhanush MEP
22/02/2019 Sakthi Power Innovatives
16/02/2019 Alind Switch Gear LTD

Research & Development activities

Sl no. Description
1 Done electrical Engineering Consultancy for Grama Panchayat and electrical equipment manufacturers
2 Digi Wire, a project funded by Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment for Rs.4,20,000/-. The project was Guided by Dr. Sarath K S and was completed in 2020.
3 One District One ldea- MSME innovation cluster project funded by K-DISC (Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council) for Rs.4,57,000/-


  • Mr. Akhil M of 2014 – 18 batch secured first position in Kerala University in the fifth semester university examination with a CGPA of 9.9
  • The 2016 – 20 batch came first in the 6Th semester B Tech degree exam conducted by KTU
  • 4 students of 2018 – 22 batch participated in Hackathon on Transportation Co Ordinated by ASAP Kerala
  • Ms. Anjali J of 2018 – 22 batch and Mr. Abhinav Rajesh of 2021 – 25 batch participated and won prizes in the state level KSEB power quiz


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE)

IEEE is a world renowned organisation having members all across the globe ranging from researcher scholars to engineering graduates. It provides a great opportunity for aspiring engineers to exchange there knowledge and to present their ideas. It also provides a platform of interaction to propose new technologies and findings related to engineering field.

IEEE, CCET chapter has both active student and faculty members and student members. The exposure to the various IEEE activities helps in the optimal development of engineers and presents them an opportunity where they can learn from the pioneers of engineering

Activities of IEEE

08th – 10th Oct 2021 IEEE Xtreme rush online
23rd Oct 2021 IEEE Xtreme 15.0 competition offline
24th Nov 2021 Approval of petition for opening students branch
04th March 2022 Student branch inauguration
04th March 2022 Webinar on Electrical Vehicle Technology
06th – 10th March 2022 Science week celebration

Executive Committee
Counselor : Vishnu S, Asst. Prof., Dept. of EEE
Chair : Rohith S Varier, S8 EEE
Secretary : Gokul Krishnan T G
Treasurer : Ahooja S Deep
Vice Chair : Akshay Jayadevan, S6 EEE
Web master : Sreejith S, S4 CSE
team College of Engineering and Technology



- The first edition of our Newsletter “ECHO 2018” was published in September 2018. Chief Editor: ARUN S and Staff Editor : VISHNU S.

- The second edition of the newsletter ECHO 2021 was published in March 2022. Chief Editor : Anjali J and Staff Editor : Sreedivya K M


Laboratory List of equipment
Power System Lab Transformer oil test kit
Earth resistance tester (Analog)
Insulation tester (Analog)
Power factor improvement study unit
Static over current relay trainer kit
Electrical Machine Lab Transformer oil test kit
Earth resistance tester (Analog)
Insulation tester (Analog)
Power factor improvement study unit
Static over current relay trainer kit
DC shunt motor
DC series motor
DC compound motor
3 phase slip ring IM
3phase squirrel gauge IM
Auto synchronous motor
Pole changing motor
Single phase IM
DC shunt generator
DC compound generator
Ammeter - (0-10A)
Electronics Workshop / Circuits Lab/Power Electronics Lab Voltage source (0-30v)
Dual Voltage source (0-30v)
Signal generator
Isolation transformer (230/230)
Voltmeter [(0-30)V, (0-50)V, (0-25)V]
Ammeter [(0-25)A, (0-50)A, (0-500)A, (0-100)A]
Microammeter [(0-500)A, (0-100)A]
Systems And Control Lab Level Process Controller
Flow Process Controller
Two Phase AC Servomotor
Synchro Transmitter/Receiver
Digital And Embedded Systems Lab Digital trainer kit
IC tester (kit)
8086 microprocessor kit
8085 microprocessor kit
Measurements And Instrumentation Lab Weston's bridge
Kelvins bridge
Vernier Potentiometer
Ammeter - (0-10A)
Voltmeter - (0-300V)
Wattmeter (300V, 10A)
Department Library:
- The department houses a well-equipped library having a wide range of text books covering a wide range of electrical engineering disciplines. The department library has up to 500 textbooks about electrical engineering. These are accessible for the use of both faculties and students. The students can draw textbook for the library by the prior permission of the department library co Ordinator and can be returned on the specified date. The students are also encouraged to make contributions to the college library when they pass out from college.